Ruatorea Kānuka Hunt 2016

Three chances to win $100 by finding the first flowering Kānuka trees between Rangitukia and Waipiro Bay. 

Hikurangi Enterprises Ltd is looking for special Kānuka trees in the Ruatorea district and we’re giving the community a chance to win cash by helping us find the first flowering Kānuka for the 2016-17 season.

All you need to do is load the form below onto a phone or tablet/iPad, stand near the tree, click the Location finder and take a photo of it. Add your details and hit the Submit button when your phone has WiFi/cellphone coverage to upload your tree.

We have $100 prizes for:

  1. The first flowering tree registered (with at least 20 flowers).
  2. The shortest flowering tree (with at least 20 flowers).
  3. A spot prize that any tree submitted will go in the draw for.

Click here to register a tree – if you load this link on your phone or tablet/iPad and go offline it will still be able to register the location of the tree. Ensure you have Location Services enabled for your browser in your phone/tablet settings. 

Enabling Location Services on Apple devices: 
     – Click on “Settings” > “General” > “Location Services”;
     – Enable the “Location Services” (“ON”); 

Enabling Location Services on Android phones/tablets: 
     – Click on “Menu” > “More” > “Settings” > scroll down to “Enable Location” and make sure that is checked.
     – Also check GPS is checked in camera settings.

If you can’t use the GPS tool, then we can accept emailed entries with a photo, precise location details and evidence the tree has been tagged (e.g. tie a piece of string to it). Email: kanukahunt[at]



  • All trees entered must be Kānuka (kunzea ericoides).
  • Any registered tree must have at least 20 flowers in bloom.
  • No tree registered can be growing within 500m of another tree registered by the same person.
  • Trees should be located between Rangitukia and Waipiro Bay (see map).
  • You can register as many trees as you like (provided they are at least 500m from each other), each tree goes in the draw for the spot prize.
  • You can use a smart phone or tablet with GPS to register the location – it doesn’t need to have cellphone or wifi coverage to register the location.
  • Take a photo and upload it from your device and enter your details to go in the draw.
  • Trees may be on public or private land, but you will need permission from the owners/manager to access any private land.
  • Trees may be registered from 1 October 2016 to 30 November 2016.

For more information contact us