Hikurangi Enterprises is partnering with pharmaceutical companies, researchers and investors to develop new medical and health products based on bioactive extracts from plants, shellfish and fungi.

Our work in this field includes research and development in bioactive extracts, processing technology for natural products, organism husbandry and propagation systems. We are currently involved in a number of exciting ventures with partners in New Zealand and overseas.

Hikurangi Bioactives Limited Partnership is a joint venture vehicle with opportunities for co-investors to support both early stage research and clinical trials with significant growth potential and pipelines to well established distribution channels.

This year we have three natural health products in independent clinical trials and five more products under development. Once we have evidence of product efficacy in treating the health conditions, global licenses and associated revenue and local employment opportunities will quickly follow.

Two of our current projects focus on Kīna and Kānuka extracts.

Hikurangi Bioactives is a proud member of BIOTechNZ sharing the vision of maximising New Zealands’ bioscience + technology capably to create a strong New Zealand Bioeconomy.