Hikurangi Hemp

Hikurangi Hemp is the medical cannabis project of Hikurangi Huataukina Trust, a charitable trust (#CC53738) supporting sustainable economic development on the East Coast of New Zealand through regenerative agriculture, carbon farming and biotechnology discoveries.

We need to raise $500,000 to pay for the first clinical trials of a New Zealand cannabidiol product. The study aims to create the first ‘open-source’ IP that will be owned by a charitable trust on behalf of the general public to ensure it is not used to create an expensive drug that people who need it can’t afford. A successful result will enable a low cost medicine to be made available and create a sustainable cannabidiol production industry for New Zealand.

We have the product designed. We have the protocols written by medical researchers specialising in clinical trials of natural products. We have our application ready to undertake the research. We just need the funds to pay for the clinical study.