Research Services

Research & Engagement Services

Hikurangi Enterprises offers a range of quantitative and qualitative research and engagement services by experienced experts. We can design and administer online surveys involving thousands of participants, telephone-based market research, focus groups and face to face interviews.

Whether it is at the neighbourhood, town or regional level, we have methods to engage the target audience and build an accurate picture of their preferences, experiences, concerns and aspirations:

  • Market Research – surveys of existing/potential customers, population demographics, client satisfaction
  • Population Research – focused on a particular demographic (age, location, ethnicity, sector, etc.)
  • Iwi/Hapū/shareholder Research – iwi/hapū engagement and member/beneficiary surveys for Māori trusts, incorporations and authorities
  • Local Government Research – we can help local authorities understand the attitudes, beliefs and preferences of residents in a particular community, and priorities for planning, RMA consents and budget options

We use social media and online engagement to recruit and re-engage participants, turn-around information quickly and share results widely when required. While we are based in a remote rural part of the country, we have a large network of experienced contacts around Aotearoa.


We can also assist with evaluation work to assess the effectiveness of a project or service, to build understanding about what is working and what could be improved, and to assist with accountability and the ongoing cycle of action and learning that every organisation and community needs to achieve its goals.

Our team are evidence-focused and have extensive experience in publicly-funded projects and services, report writing for investors, formative and summative evaluation, Kaupapa Māori research and evaluation, and developmental evaluation processes.

Members of our team literally wrote the book on evaluation for New Zealand community/Māori organisations (it’s actually a website called What Works) and we are constantly evaluating the impact of our own work and the projects we are partnering with others on.