Institutional Investor

Once the Waiapu Investments funds have been contributed to Hikurangi Cannabis Company Limited via Hikurangi Hemp Holdings Limited, we will seek an institutional investor to bring up to another $4,000,000 to the venture.

A number of institutional investors have expressed an interest in Hikurangi Cannabis Company Limited but we will wait until after we know how much contribution Waiapu Investments Limited can make before we engage institutional investors with a formal offer.

If they contribute the majority of cash into the new company it is likely the institutional investor/s will want to appoint a director to one or two of the five seats on the board of Hikurangi Cannabis Company Limited.

We will be selecting an institutional investor that understand the priorities and goals of Hikurangi Cannabis Company Limited and the other entities involved, the constitution of HCCL will mean the institutional investor not be able to take over the company or force the other shareholder into any particular action.

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