Hikurangi Hemp Holdings Limited

Hikurangi Hemp Holdings Limited (HHHL) is a joint venture between Hikurangi Bioactives Limited Partnership (HBLP) and Waiapu Investments Limited (WIL).

HHHL is a ‘look through’ company, meaning it does not trade, it is simply a legal structure to enable the two shareholders (HBLP and WIL) to form a jointly owned entity that was the initial owner of Rua Bioscience Ltd before institutional investors were introduced to Rua.

We formed HHHL on the advice of investment experts who felt that a crowdfunding entity as a joint venture would be a major disincentive for most institutional investors who could otherwise be interested in bringing their funds and expertise to the medical cannabis venture.

Shareholdings in HHHL are currently 67% owned by HBLP and 33% Waiapu Investments which was determined by the amount of funds raised by WIL.

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