Hikurangi Bioactives Limited Partnership

Hikurangi Bioactives Limited Partnership (HBLP) is a joint venture between Hikurangi Enterprises Limited (HEL), New Zealand Nutraceuticals Limited (NZNL) and Hikurangi Bioactives General Partner Limited.

When HBLP dividends are paid, 60% goes to HEL and 40% to NZNL.

HBLP has invested in a range of biotechnology projects with research organisations in New Zealand and overseas. A number of joint projects have been established between HBLP, private companies and research entities, sometimes HBLP owns all of the Intellectual Property developed, in other projects it owns a share of the IP.

HBLP has three directors: Manu Caddie, Panapa Ehau and Damian Skinner.

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