Crowdfunders & Private Investors

Waiapu Investments Limited (WIL) is offering up to two million shares at $1 each in WIL to the general public via the equity crowdfunding platform PledgeMe.

The Information Memorandum on the offer will be released on 13 February and the first chance to buy shares will be offered to East Coast residents starting in Te Araroa on 15 February, followed by five other locations over the next three days where the last public meeting will be held in Gisborne on 18 February.

On 20 February New Zealanders living in other parts of the country – or overseas – will have a chance to buy any of the remaining shares.

To enable as many investors as possible to participate a separate private offer is being made to up to 20 individuals who wish to invest $100,000 or more.

This means the total that could possibly be raised by WIL is $4,000,000.

The funds from this raise (minus the PledgeMe fee on up to the first $2,000,000) will be used to buy shares in Hikurangi Hemp Holdings Limited, the 100% owner of Hikurangi Cannabis Company Limited.

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