Ina te Ora: Food Futures in Tairāwhiti

Food production worldwide is undergoing the biggest change since the Industrial Revolution 300 years ago. Gene editing, soil metagenomics, robotics and lab-grown meat are just a few of advances in technology changing the way people are growing and consuming food.


Tairāwhiti is the food bowl of Aotearoa and Māori are continuing to be key contributors to innovative food production in the region.

Join the Tairāwhiti food production, agriculture and horticulture communities in this free, future thinking event in Gisborne 22-24 November 2017.

Whether you’re a shareholder in Māori land, farming, growing and producing food already or would like to develop business ideas in the food industry this is a unique opportunity!

At Inā te Ora you will hear from nationally respected thinkers, research experts and local innovators over the course of two and a half days. Enjoy the best of our local cuisine, while exploring opportunities to collaborate with like minds.


Presentations by:

We will be connecting food industry leaders, research experts and agents of change. Come along to learn, share and be part of the future of food production in Tairāwhiti.

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Download: Inā Te Ora Programme

Attendance is free each day, but registration is essential: register here.



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Registration: register here.

For more information, contact: Manu Caddie – Email: / Tel: 027 420 2957