Hikurangi Hemp in the news


24/2/18 – NZ Herald: How $160m medical cannabis deal could transform a small East Coast town

24/2/18 – Australia BusinessChief: Hikurangi Cannabis signs 160mn multi-tonne deal to supply USAs Rhizo Sciences

24/2/18 – The Gisborne Herald: Cannabis ‘life-line’ for East Coast and Ruatoria

23/2/18 – News Hub: Marijuana-saviour-of-the-east-coast-economy

23/2/18 – Stuff Business: $160m Kiwi cannabis export deal to US

23/2/18 – News Hub: New Zealand company to export medicinal cannabis worth $160m




21/12/17 – Radio NZ: Hikurangi Hemp prepares for manufacture

21/12/17 – Newshub: Cannabis legislation provides new industry for NZ

21/12/17 – Radio Waatea: Caddie ready for legal tea

21/12/17 – The Gisborne Herald: Hikurangi Hemp welcomes plan to increase production

20/12/17 – TVNZ: Availability of medical cannabis a step closer

20/12/17 – Newshub: Government rules terminally ill people allowed to access cannabis

20/12/17 – Scoop:  East Coast medical cannabis producers welcome Government announcement 

18/12/17 – Māori Television: Medicinal cannabis bill ‘step in the right direction’ – East Coast hemp grower

5/12/17 – The Gisborne Herald: Marijuana growers put skills to good use

29/11/17 – Māori Television: Hikurangi Enterprises could be first in NZ to grow medicinal cannabis

29/11/17 – Stuff News: Ruatoria company pushing to be first licensed grower of medicinal cannabis

26/11/17 – The Gisborne Herald: Sun rising on Ruatoria hemp industry

14/11/17 – Newshub: East coast company looks to hold clinical trial for medicinal cannabis

3/11/17 – Radio Waatea: East Coast growers keen to go legal – Radio Waatea

The TVNZ online news channel Re: visited Ruatoria in July and produced this piece on Hikurangi Hemp. At last count the Facebook version had nearly 150,000 views in the first week…

3/5/17 – NZ Herald: Progress for Hikurangi hemp industry

25/3/17 – Māori Televison: Ruatorea locals harvest secret hemp crop

23/5/17 – The Gisborne Herald: ‘Secret’ hemp trial a success on Coast

23/5/17 – TVNZ: ‘Avenue for creating income for whanau’ – East Cape Maori harvest …

9/11/16 – The Gisborne Herald: Hemp trial on Coast



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