Hikurangi Hemp Launches First Product


Hikurangi Enterprises has launched the first product under the Hikurangi Hemp brand.

Hemp Drops for Animal Anxiety is now available on the Hikurangi Enterprises online store for $14.99 for a 25ml product.

The anti-anxiety formula targeted at the $15b pet medicine market is yet to undergo clinical trials but studies have demonstrated the efficacy of hemp-based products in calming animals.

At least one-third of pet owners report that their dog suffers from noise aversion. Common clinical signs include panting, trembling, cowering, and escape behavior, which can result in self-trauma as well as property damage. These behaviours indicate the dog’s distress and disrupt the human-animal bond during noise events, such as Guy Fawkes and New Year’s celebrations. In fact, fireworks are one of the top triggers for noise aversion in dogs.

Animals can also experience trauma from natural events like thunder storms and earthquakes.


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