Carbon Farming Cooperative

Following a series of workshops on the opportunities, risks and benefits of land blocks carbon farming natives on the East Coast, Hikurangi Enterprises is investigating the establishment of a carbon farming cooperative for landowners.

Government planting subsidies including the Erosion Control Funding Programme (ECFP) and Afforestation Grants Scheme (AGS) can be accessed much more easily if the eligibility, funding rates, application process are shared within a collective of land-blocks. Likewise carbon credits can be more attractive to buyers when sold in large volumes and overheads drastically reduced when landowners work together as a single entity rather than individual blocks having to manage their own trading.
East Coast Case Study: Nuihiti Q & Gull Oil A two-year agreement sees Gull Oil (NZ) purchasing 12,000 units of Nuhiti Q Incorporation’s carbon credits totalling just over $220,000, which will be put towards fencing repairs and Mānuka tree planting.

To find out more about this this project, please use the form below. For more information contact Manu Caddie 0274 202 957