East Coast Student Poster Competition

On 2nd & 3rd November a two day event in Ruatoria and Te Araroa will bring 20 of the top mānuka and kānuka scientists from around Aotearoa to meet with East Coast residents, students and landowners.

Students aged 10-18 years from the kura on the Coast are invited to submit a poster on mānuka and/or kānuka.

Examples of poster content:

  • information on how mānuka was traditionally used for healing or other purposes
  • a story of how the plants have been used in the whanau
  • an explanation of how the chemical composition of honey heals
  • research on where manuka/kanuka grows in your area – what conditions do they like?
  • comparison of the calorific value, carbon sequestration or erosion control potential
  • field guide to distinugishing between mānuka and kānuka
  • anything else you think is interesting about mānuka or kānuka!

PRIZES: TEINA (10-13yrs) 1st: $200, 2nd: $100, 3rd: $50 / TUAKANA (14-18yrs) 1st: $300, 2nd: $200, 3rd: $100

Entries must be delivered by Friday 29 October to: Manu Caddie, 6434 Waiapu Rd, RD1, Ruatoria 4081. Or emailed to: posters@hikurangi.enterprises


  • posters should be A3 with student name, age & kura should be on the back
  • late entries may be included in display but will not be eligible for prizes
  • posters will be displayed at the event and judged by guest scientists