2016 Kānuka Hunt is On!

Hikurangi Enterprises is looking for some special Kānuka trees. As the flowering season starts again, we’re offering prizes for locals who spot the first flowering Kānuka.

Prizes for locating the first tree with more than 20 flowers, the smallest flowering tree and a random spot prize are all up for grabs. Eligible trees will be located between Waipiro By and Rangitukia and flowering in the month of October or November.

“We’re studying the characteristics of Kānuka and we think there may be some special features of the trees that flower early” said researcher Manu Caddie. “Different trees within the same species can have quite different features – just like people. We’re interested in finding out more about the local varieties and what makes them special.”

For more information and instructions on how to register a tree and enter the competition, visit the competition page here.