Solar as Service

  • Do you live between Gisborne and Potaka?
  • Do you have a monthly power bill over $125?
  • Do you want to avoid future power price increases?
  • Do you want clean energy providing your electricity?
  • Do you want technology that helps you reduce power use?
  • Are you interested in having the same low monthly cost for electricity for the next 20 years and beyond?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then we should talk!

We have two options available – you can choose both:

(a) If you can wait a while, register your interestregister your interest in being part of a solar electricity producer/consumer cooperative. Click here to register your interest in solar electricity producer/consumer cooperative – this will take some time to establish but will mean those participating collectively own the systems being installed. We’ll be in touch with more information for those who register interest.

(b) If you’re in a hurry to reduce electricity costs, register your interest in the solar zero opportunity below.

Hikurangi Enterprises has an opportunity for home-owners to get access to a special offer to install solar that can generate power all day for home use and be sold back into the grid – households pay a monthly fee for this and the balance of their electricity used in the evenings is either stored in batteries or they continue to pay for with their existing electricity retailer.

Marae are also be eligible for this offer but it will come down to the economics of how much power they use on average every month and whether it is worth taking up this solar option.

How the SolarZero option works:

  • The panels and rest of the solar system are owned and serviced by the company, not the household – the household just gets low cost electricity from the system for 20 years and beyond.
  • The household gets to earn money on any electricity that is sent back to the grid that isn’t being used by the household.
  • After 20 years the company and house owners will either agree to extend the arrangement or remove the system or upgrade it with new technology.
  • The fixed monthly price doesn’t increase, so while inflation has risen and power prices have increased over 150% in the last 20 years, electricity costs from this system will not increase.
  • Batteries can be installed for high energy users that mean they store electricity for the evening use, saving even more money.
  • There are a range of options but a low end user pays $55+gst/month for the smallest system and a high end $195+gst/month for a large (18 panel) system.
  • You can use as much electricity as you like during daytime and earn from anything going back into the grid, you continue to pay your normal retailer for power used at nighttime – unless you also get batteries installed to use in the evening.
  • You need WiFi internet access at home (we can help with this, see below) and you need to show you’ve paid your last three power bills on time.

Fill in the form below to find out more. We’ll arrange for someone to contact you soon to discuss the opportunity in more detail.

There are eligibility criteria and for low electricity users (with monthly bills under $125) it probably won’t be economical to go with this arrangement, but there may be other ways we can help.


More information about the offer:

Thanks to a partnership between Hikurangi Enterprises and SolarCity,you can now get solar as a service, not a product. SolarCity has changed the game by removing the need to buy solar panels to get solar power. With our smart solarZero energy services you enjoy the benefits of solar power without paying for the panels.

Qualify for our solarZero energy service and you can switch your daytime power use to solar without the cost of owning the panels. You buy clean, affordable solar energy, generated on your roof by solar panels which we own and manage.
You simply pay a fixed monthly fee that is locked in, giving you inflation-free, clean affordable energy over the term of the agreement.

What could I save?
With “Zero Dollars Down” the average household, with a monthly power bill of $200, could save more than $7,000 over the life of the agreement.

Is battery storage an option? 

A Panasonic solar storage battery can be added to our solarZero service or purchased outright. Now you can use solar power long after the sun goes down and have emergency backup power for critical devices during a natural disaster or when the grid goes down.

What does SolarZero include?

  • 20-year price guarantee.
  • 20-year technical support guarantee, including repairs and necessary upgrades.
  • 25-year solar energy production warranty.
  • Access to our energy advisory team.
  • Online monitoring to track your carbon savings.
  • Standard installation.
  • Installation by trained and certified installers.
  • A convenient modular design that provides the ability to upgrade to a larger system and incorporate future technology updates.

Prefer to buy a system?
Absolutely, ask about our competitive prices.

Who is SolarCity?
SolarCity is the nation’s leading solar power company. In the past 35 years, we have installed solar on more Kiwi homes and businesses than any other company. We are one of the five fastest growing green companies in New Zealand and one of the Government’s Focus 500 companies targeted to contribute significant benefits to the New Zealand economy. We were also the first solar company in the world to achieve carboNZero accreditation which is a significant endorsement of our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Need WiFi internet connected? 

Hikurangi Enterprises has negotiated a SolarZero deal with Tokomaru.Net to get home internet connected for only $250 and then $10 a week, or pay just $100 deposit and $20/week for the first 15 weeks then dropping to $10/week. This is a saving of more than 45% on the usual cost of installation and equipment.

How do I find out more? 
You can fill out the form above and/or send three recent power bills to: or phone Chris on 0800 11 66 55.


What is the future of electricity?

A great little presentation on the future of solar electricity as a disruptive technology: